10 comments on “Burglary on Pine Avenue

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  2. It was reported on Channel 2 news that shots had been fired. Was the burglar armed? Who fired the shots? WAs the suspect the same individual who has been breaking into parked cars in the same area?

  3. First, what number do we use to call bc many people don’t want to call 911.

    Also, how do citizens communicate with police to inform you if their car was broken into but nothing was taken? I think police need to know about the activity going on. No one wants a long drawn out scenario. Could it be online?

    I heard a UPS truck was held up on White Ave near Hattin within the last two weeks, gun was involved. Why was this not mentioned? Is it because the robbers took off because a neighbor saw them? This should still be talked about.

    Mrs. Reitz’ car was stolen out of her driveway this summer. Yes, her keys were inside the car but why isn’t this mentioned? It is still a robbery.

    We need to all be transparent and honest about ALL activity. How can this improve?

    • Call 644-7100 for non-emergencies.
      Some citizens call when there cars are entered and nothing taken. We want to know this is happening, even though we may not file a report.
      The UPS situation is explained on Nextdoor today. Hopefully, you are signed up for that.
      Mrs Reitz car was taken from her driveway, with the keys in the ignition, and was abandoned in the street a block away. It was the same night as car clottings on the block. Sometimes we do not report crimes so as not embarrass the victim. There is a reason for what we post, and how we post it. S
      It takes a lot of time to post all that we do now. We cannot possibly post everything. We try to post what we feel is most important. Sometimes information from an active investigation cannot be posted, so as not to jeopardize the investigation.

  4. Dan – this is just me – I’d appreciate it if you mentioned the date, instead of saying ‘this afternoon’

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