3 comments on “Keeping Our Streets Safe

  1. I’m so thrilled you’ve written this reminder! I have been sitting on my front porch a lot in the last few weeks with the nice weather and I cannot tell you how many people are doing 35-40mph on our dead end street! My neighbors probably dislike me as I call them on it when I can… some even stop and complain at me… but when I remind them there are kids who play here and on their own streets they admit they should slow down and drive more slowly (for a while until they get busy again).

  2. re: man driving, drinking coffee and using cell
    ” Did he have a third hand steering the car?”
    Could you please let us know?

    (love what you’ve done with the place, Chief! )

  3. I live over here on South Outer 40. You would be amazed at the volume and SPEED of the cars, trucks and school busses on this street.

    And may I also mention that the Brentwood City Hall bushes at the corner of Brentwood and Rosalie
    need to be cut back so the Rosalie residents making a left onto Brentwood Blvd. don’t have to pull so far onto Brentwood to see if a northbound car in coming. Respectfully

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